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January 5 - Life Talk; Colorado Springs, Colorado

January 8 - Lifebridge Church; Windermere, Florida

January 15 - Lifebridge Church; Windermere, Florida

January 19-21 - Community Bible Study National Teaching Director Conference; Colorado Springs, Colorado

January 22 - The Pauline Chapel at the Broadmoor; Colorado Springs, Colorado

January 26 - St. George's Anglican Church Downtown Discourse; Colorado Springs, Colorado

January 29 - Lifebridge Church; Windermere, Florida

February 2 - Life Talk; Colorado Springs, Colorado

February 4-6 - Northland Church; Longwood, Florida

February 8-10 - Culture Care Summit; Pasadena, California

February 12 - Lifebridge Church; Windermere, Florida

February 19 - Lifebridge Church; Windermere, Florida

February 26-28 - Lost Valley Ranch Staff Conference - Glen Eyrie; Colorado Springs, Colorado 

March 2 - Life Talk; Colorado Springs, Colorado

March 5 - Summit Conference: The Secret Battle of Ideas; Colorado Springs, Colorado

March 11-13 - Northland Church; Longwood, Florida

March 19 - Lifebridge Church; Windermere, Florida

March 26 - Lifebridge Church; Windermere, Florida

April 5 - Christian Leadership Alliance - CEO Forum; Dallas, Texas

April 6 - Life Talk; Colorado Springs, Colorado

April 22 - Prayer Breakfast; Winter Park, Florida

April 22 - Families Workshop; Orlando, Florida

April 29-May 1 - Northland Church; Longwood, Florida

May 3 - Reach Beyond (Board); Quito, Ecuador

May 4 - Life Talk; Colorado Springs, Colorado

May 7 - Tauernhof Worship; Schladming, Austria

May 8-12 - Tauernhof Bible School; Schladming, Austria

May 16-18 -  Leader Impact; London, England

May 20-21 - Colson Center Wilberforce Weekend; Washington D.C.

May 28 - Summit Ministries; Manitou Springs, Colorado

June 1 - Life Talk; Colorado Springs, Colorado

June 3-5 - Northland Church; Longwood, Florida

June 24 - Summit Ministries; Manitou Springs, Colorado

July 15-22 - Maranatha Bible Conference; Muskegon, Michigan

July 23 - Summit Ministries; Dayton, Tennessee

July 31-August 3 - Blackstone Legal Fellowship; Washington D.C.

August 30 - Summit Ministries; Manitou Springs, Colorado



If you would like to inquire about scheduling Matt to speak at your event, church or conference, please use the form on the contact page. He’d be privileged to explore possibilities with you.

What People Are Saying...

Jim Daly
President, Focus on the Family

“Matt Heard is one of the most effective communicators for the Christian faith today. He is authentic, relevant and solid on biblical principles. He does a terrific job of taking real-life experiences and drawing extraordinary lessons from them. You walk away knowing more and feeling inspired.”

Ken Davis
Speaker, Author, and Humorist
President, Dynamic Communications International

"As one who has observed and even trained hundreds of speakers, I can say with confidence that Matt Heard is one of the most exceptional communicators I have ever heard. His ability to hold an audience and drive home truth with power and focus is without parallel.”

James Anderson
New Canaan Society

"Over the course of my life I have had the opportunity to listen to some of the greatest public speakers and I would rank Matt Heard as one of those. Matt’s teaching has had a very profound impact on my own life. He is a dynamic communicator who can cross easily between a business setting, a church setting or a conference. Matt has a vast array of stories and examples to really drive home a point and make it in a way that will be memorable for a long time. He is a lover of art and literature, a constant learner and student of life - making him someone I would always choose to sit and listen to.  You will leave any time with Matt invigorated at a soul level."

Dr. Joel C. Hunter
Senior Pastor
Northland - A Church Distributed

"Matt Heard is one of the most gifted communicators and Bible interpreters in the country.  I love listening to this master story teller.  I always learn something I didn't know and sense God's winsome call to come closer to Him."

John Ashmen
President, Association of Gospel Rescue Missions
(North America's oldest and largest network of independent, faith-based, crisis shelters and rehabilitation centers)

"I've worked with nationally known pastors and conference speakers for 25 years. Matt Heard is consistently among the highest-rated by event attendees. I believe he is one of the most gifted communicators of biblical truth that you'll find today."

Mike Gould, Lt Gen (ret), USAF
Superintendent, United States Air Force Academy, 2009-2013

"Matt Heard is one of the most dynamic, energetic and on-target speakers I've ever heard. He engages his audiences with a sincere, caring attitude that enables him to connect on a deep and meaningful level. Most impressively, Matt's exploration into his own personal longings and purpose motivates his audiences to do the same and leads them into a spiritual and human awareness so they can live Life to its fullest!"

Steve Bigari
Serial Entrepreneur
CEO and Founder, Stellar Restaurant Solutions

"Matt Heard is a force to be reckoned with. Whatever the topic, he starts with a foundation of detailed knowledge and builds on it intertwining expertise and wit. He inspires whatever audience he finds himself in front of with his compelling style. This compliments his simple storytelling which keeps everyone on the edge of their seat, a truly amazing feat.”